Lower Right Back Pain | Prevention, Causes & Treatment

Lower right back pain is a very specific pain that can be caused a variety of different ways. 7 common causes of lower right back pain are discussed below. It is important that you consult with a doctor or medical professional before starting, ending, or changing any medical routine. This website contains articles and videos that deal with the prevention, causes and treatments of this unique condition.

Why People Experience Lower Right Back Pain

Being Right-Handed

Most people are right handed, causing them to lift and carry with the right side of their body, explaining the isolated pain in the lower right back. Men often carry over-sized wallets in their right back pocket which causes poor posture when sitting. Those of us who travel, pull, carry or haul our belongings over our right shoulder, causing additional strain.

Sleeping Positions

Do you sleep on your right side? Some studies have shown that sleeping positions can lead to lower back pain on the ride side. In short, any number of activities or habits could have caused this pain in your lower right side of your back. However, we are missing a link in this equation.

Let’s assume that because you schlepped your mother-in-law’s over-sized purse over your right shoulder you are now experiencing this isolated pain. Although the “schlepping” may have triggered the injury, there is more likely something happening internally that is actually causing the pain. This is what we need to figure in order to treat the pain and prevent it from occurring again.

Often, lower back pain can be eased and treated with stretching and exercises.

7 Common Lower Right Back Pain Causes

1. Herniated or Slipped Disc


The most common reason people experience pain in the lower right part of the back is from a herniated disc. Without getting technical, a herniated disc occurs when the disc at the base of your back becomes “outta whack!” Sudden movement, compression, disease, or other misuse may have caused the disc to slip.  When the disc is out of its normal position – it hurts! More specifically, this disc could be affecting a nerve connected to the lower right side of the back.

A herniated disc does not necessarily mean you will have pain in the right lower back. Experiencing that pain also does not necessarily mean you have a herniated disc. Additionally, you are most at risk to get a herniated or slipped disc from “strenuousness at work,” according to a March 2013 study shared by the National Institutes of Health. Research suggests physical activity rarely causes a herniated disc, instead, physical fitness can prevent and heal a herniated disc and your lower right back pain. If you believe you have a herniated disc, please review these herniated disc exercises with your doctor.

2. Lumbar Strain


Another common reason people experience pain in the lower right back is from a lumbar strain or, simply put, a muscle strain. Your lumbar is located at the base of your back (including the right side). The same causes of a herniated disc (sudden movement, compression, or other misuse) can cause a lumbar strain. A typical lumbar strain has microscopic tears within the lumbar. Although small, they can create extraordinary levels of pain. More severe lumbar strains can cause debilitating levels of pain and require extensive physical therapy and treatment.

3. Quadratus Lumborum Issues 

Don’t let the medical jargon throw you. Simply put, the “Quadratus Lumborum” is the muscle that allows you to move your spine from side to side. We’ll call it “QL,” and it works with several other muscles to provide you great posture (among other things). Sometimes, the QL can get knotted without you realizing it. Pain only arrives when the QL experiences pressure or stress. Do you see how these “silent” knots can create pain on the lower right side of your back?

A common theme among back pains is that proper stretching and exercise can prevent the majority of problems. So, be sure to move your Quadratus Lumborum around and safely stretch your other muscles as well. This will give you a better chance of avoiding painful knots in your back.

4. Sacroiliac Joint Issues 

The Sacroiliac Joints are located between your hips and your spine. They, like the rest of your body, require movement and exercise to maintain good health. Too little movement causes these joints to lock. Too much movement and they can be easily sprained. Because of their location (just inside the hip), an injured sacroiliac joint has been known to cause lower right back pain. Often times, the these joins need to be stretched using exercises for Sciatica.

5. Sciatica 

First, the sciatic nerve runs from your lower back to your feet, and it’s the longest nerve in your body! “Sciatica” is the diagnosis of pain that is caused when the sciatic nerves are compromised. This happens in a variety of different ways but is commonly due to a herniated disc. If the sciatic nerves are compressed, it will naturally be uncomfortable and can lead to pain in your legs, pain in your thighs, and of course, pain on the right side of your lower back. Occasionally, sciatica surgery is required.

6. Kidney Issues

Yes, your kidneys can be the cause of your pain on the lower right side! A kidney infection and kidney stones can cause these organs, on your right side, to swell and become inflamed. Kidney inflammation is obviously uncomfortable, and to compensate, many people improperly adjust their posture. This poor posture leads to even more stress on their lower back, creating even more pain.

7. Appendicitis

Just like potential kidney issues, an appendicitis can also severely aggravate the lower right part of your back. Ignoring an appendicitis can lead to internal poisoning — and even death! This is not a condition to ignore. If you have reason to believe this is the cause of any pain or discomfort, seek medical attention immediately!

Other Causes of Lower Right Back Pain

This list only covers some of the more common causes of lower right back pain. There are several other reasons you may be experiencing pain. At least some of these conditions remain mysterious to doctors as to their cause and/or origin (e.g. piriformis syndrome, a possible diagnosis once Sciatica is ruled out.)

  • In general, lower right back pain is caused by any stress or strain on the muscles and ligaments of that region. For many of us, this includes all the activities we perform which involve our right side. Considering most people are right-handed, lifting, pushing, and pulling with your right hand can create pain on the lower right back.
  • Take some time to look around this site and become more well-informed, but also remember – seeing a doctor who specializes in your condition will provide incredible benefits. According to WebMd.com, 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain. Don’t be one of them!

Here’s to a life of better health with no more lower right back pain!


  1. Helpful.. Tnxxx

  2. I have lower back pain that runs down both legs and into my knees and sometimes into my feet. my grandmother and two brothers have the same problems. doctors say they see nothing wrong. I have delt with this for since 1992 when I fell and injured my neck and T spine. please help if you can.
    Kyle Watts

    PS I am a 54 year old male with a background of hard labor

    • Hi Kyle! Thank you for your question. I am not a licensed medical professional, so of course, I suggest you see a doctor. However, I would also research and ask your doctor about the possibility of sciatica. Often times sciatica causes pain to run from the lower right or left side of your back through your legs. Again, it is best to seek out advice from a licensed healthcare professional. Stretching is an easy at home treatment that often times provides relief!

      Best of luck! I hope you are pain free! I am sure those years of hard labor were tough on the back!

  3. hello , I am 16 years old and just got random pains in my right lower side today, its been going on for about 30 minutes now laying down, it’s like a throbbing pain coming and going at a level 4/5 10 being the highest in pain.

    • Hi Hailey, I’m experiencing the exact same thing, I am 17 years old and the pain started about 2 weekz ago, if you have recovered from this, may you please tell me, thanks a lot

  4. I have been suffering with lower back pain on the right side for about 7/8 months now, consistently. I had been going to the physio regularly a couple of months back and found some relief but it never lasted long, if anything I feel the pain had gradually gotten worse. I was diagnosed by a doctor back in jan with a kidney infection who then put me on really strong antibiotics. I questioned this with a 2nd doc who then told me I didn’t have a kidney infection but as there was blood in my urine there may be some infection but too many blood tests to get done to test for all, said it may be a UTI, very helpful I know. I am constantly having to pee and some weeks it’s worse than others, peeing 4/5 times during the night. It is not painful to pee which keeps putting me off the idea of a kidney infection etc. Back is crazy sore today, no painkillers, anti inflammatories, creams, heat packs, stretches are relieving it. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Doing a long haul flight next weekend so need to get some sort of relief by then:(

  5. pain in kidney area

    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

  6. Thanks for info… It was helpful. I’m having so much pain right side and lower back. It hurts for me to lift my right leg up to tie my shoes or to do squads.. So much pain. I guess I have to do some stretching to help me feel better…

  7. Hi. I’ve had pain in my right side and right lower back for about a week. It comes and goes worse of a morning and night and yet doesn’t hurt when I stretch or exercise! Just wondering if you had any idea what it could be its driving me mad thanks

  8. I have pain on the lower right side of my back, but only upon sitting. I can´t sit longer than two minutes before the pain begins… It feels a lot like pre-menstral pain, but 100 times worse… I am a 45 year old female…

  9. For the last week ive been having really bad pain on the right side of my lower back going Iinto my leg. It hurts worse at night sometimes I can hardly move when I try to get up any information will help thank you

  10. Went to. The er. Today I have information in the lower part of my right side very painfully. And it hurts when I turn and sometime when I get up I had to get some icy hot and that really works and bio freeze helps to

  11. My dad all of a sudden started complaining of lower right back pain since 2 days. I got worried & searched the causes up. He thinks it is due to gastroenteritis as he was complaining about that too. But after reading this article I think it is due to bad posture & strain. He had also climbed a hill due to an emergency on July 25th. I’d totally appreciate a sincere & quick reply mentioning a treatment or an advice. Thank you so much LRBP for all the help.

  12. I had low back pain and right sids hip pain right over hip joint. Also groin pain and general feeling of being unwell. Doc said nothing wrong prob stress. 3 1/2 years now destroying life. On codeine with only little help. Hurts to walk. Tried physio, osteopath, acupun and chiropractor. All seem teo agree with doc after taking my money of course. Any ideas? Anybody same boat. Ang suggestions on painkillers? Am I ok on 6 cocod a day (500/30). Thanks

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