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Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

When answer the question, “why does my lower back hurt?,” you should follow these steps. First, answer the following questions: 1. When did the pain start to occur? 2. What were you doing before the pain started? Understanding your activity prior to the onset of pain allows us insight into possible causes. Were you lifting heavy objects? Did you just ... Read More »

Don’t Ignore These 7 Lower Right Back Pain Causes

Are you sick and tired of suffering from lower right back pain? As a man, you know you’re supposed to tough it out and grit your teeth. That’s all well and good until you have another wrestling match with your back. Most of the time, you have no idea why you are a victim of lower right back pain in ... Read More »

How to Choose a Chiropractor

When suffering from pain on the lower right side of your back, choosing a chiropractor to assist in your recovery can be an important step. When choosing a chiropractor ask the following questions discussed in this article. These questions can be asked over the phone before an appointment is scheduled. Is a neurological exam included in the initial exam? Although ... Read More »

Sciatica Surgery: What To Expect

Sciatica Surgery Overview Sciatica surgery is considered a minimally invasive procedure. In cases where the condition fails to naturally resolve itself, surgical intervention may required. Of course, surgical procedure is usually not the first option and exercises and stretching are preferred methods of treatments. There are two forms of sciatica surgery options for patients with the condition. Sciatica Surgery Options ... Read More »

Lumbar Decompression

What is Lumbar Decompression? When we think of decompression it usually involves a glass of wine or a hot bath after a long day at the office.  This isn’t exactly what we’re talking about with lumbar decompression, but it can give the person suffering from lower back pain the same kind of relief. There are 5 vertebrae, or bones, that ... Read More »

Sciatica Hip Pain

Do You Have Sciatica Hip Pain? The largest nerves found in the human body are the sciatic nerves. Measuring approximately the same size in diameter as a little finger, the nerves exit the spinal column in the lumbar region, travel behind the hip and continue down through the buttock and the back of each leg to the foot. The length ... Read More »

What is a Holistic Chiropractor?

The holistic chiropractor’s approach to providing treatment goes beyond merely relieving symptoms. The practice involves resolving physiological issues through a number of methods that include evaluating diet and physical exercise. Practitioners obtain varying degrees that require up to eight years of education. Each professional must also become state licensed by passing board examinations. Basis of Chiropractics Tucked neatly within the ... Read More »

Congenital Spinal Stenosis

Congenital Spinal Stenosis Spinal stenosis or acquired spinal stenosis generally occurs as part of the natural aging process. As one ages, bone spurs may develop, discs shift or bulge and ligaments thicken. These physiological changes invade the spinal column space, which narrows the environment previously occupied exclusively by the spinal nerves. The narrowing compresses nerves and surrounding tissues causing pain ... Read More »

Lower Right Back Pain Causes

For the most common reasons of back pain on the lower right side, check out the article on our homepage. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing pain on the lower right side of your back. Your best bet in discovering where this pain has come from and how to treat it is to speak with your medical ... Read More »

Lower Right Back Pain Prevention Exercises

Many of the prevention techniques we recommend are the same as, or similar to, our treatment recommendations for people with pain in the lower right side of their back. This fact only emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines under the supervision of your healthcare professional. With society constantly slouching in front of the TV, tilting their head down to ... Read More »