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How to Choose a Chiropractor

When suffering from pain on the lower right side of your back, choosing a chiropractor to assist in your recovery can be an important step. When choosing a chiropractor ask the following questions discussed in this article. These questions can be asked over the phone before an appointment is scheduled. Is a neurological exam included in the initial exam? Although ... Read More »

Lumbar Decompression

What is Lumbar Decompression? When we think of decompression it usually involves a glass of wine or a hot bath after a long day at the office.  This isn’t exactly what we’re talking about with lumbar decompression, but it can give the person suffering from lower back pain the same kind of relief. There are 5 vertebrae, or bones, that ... Read More »

Lower Right Back Pain Prevention Exercises

Many of the prevention techniques we recommend are the same as, or similar to, our treatment recommendations for people with pain in the lower right side of their back. This fact only emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines under the supervision of your healthcare professional. With society constantly slouching in front of the TV, tilting their head down to ... Read More »

The Best Lumbar Support Products

Lumbar support is important for healthy posture, to prevent the onset of uncomfortable lower back conditions, and/or to relieve lower back pain. If you suffer from common lower back conditions, like sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, or a herniated or slipped disc, your doctor might have already recommended the use of lumbar support devices in order to help you heal. If not, ... Read More »