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Don’t Ignore These 7 Lower Right Back Pain Causes

Are you sick and tired of suffering from lower right back pain? As a man, you know you’re supposed to tough it out and grit your teeth. That’s all well and good until you have another wrestling match with your back. Most of the time, you have no idea why you are a victim of lower right back pain in men. You might have overdone it during that backyard football game with your son. You could have lifted too many weights in the gym. Maybe you sneezed. Here’s the one that takes the cake: you slept the wrong way. How on earth can a guy hurt himself sleeping? You want answers so you can avoid the next round.

Lower Right Back Pain in Men: Where Does it Come From?

According to Men’s Health, there are numerous reasons that men may be plagued with lower right back pain. Any of the following forces could be at work:

  • Sprains, strains, and muscle tears.
  • An injury may have affected a disc.
  • Osteoporosis or arthritis could strike.
  • Watch out for deteriorating discs.
  • Calcification could build up in the lower portion of the spinal column.
  • Don’t forget how the sciatic nerve can make a back go haywire!

The Statistics Do Not Lie

According to the Ohio State University, studies have shown that eight out of ten percent of the general public will suffer from back pain. Lower right back pain men is a common problem. Take a closer look for more information. If so many suffer from back pain, the next goal is understanding it and taking preventative measures to avoid it.

How Do You know What is Causing Lower Right Back Pain in Men?

There will be times you’ll know the root of your problems without even having to think about it. If you lifted a two hundred pound dresser, you’ve probably hit it on the head. With some rest and TLC, that pain should go away. However, if you have unexplained, sharp pain that suddenly strikes in your lower right back, seek medical advice. You could be dealing with appendicitis or a kidney issue that needs attention. If you have chronic pain in the lower right region of your back and you can’t make it go away, seek expert help for a diagnosis. In order to determine what is tying your back up in knots, the doctor may:

  • Take an x-ray.
  • Order a CAT scan.
  • Suggest a MRI.
  • Request a radionuclide bone scan.
  • Do an EMG to examine your muscle and nerve functions.

What Can You Do About Your Lower Right Back Pain?

You don’t have to grin and bear it when you are in pain. An ounce of prevention is the best medicine, heading pain off at the pass. Before you wrangle with your back again, consider some simple measures that can keep you out of trouble. Forget about smoking, trim off those extra pounds, and do special stretches to stay limber. Lift carefully and get help when the load is too heavy. Work on your posture and don’t favor your right side.

If lower back pain strikes again, take a break and try massage. Muscle relaxants may do the trick for strains. Wearing a supportive brace can also be effective in helping you get though a painful bout. If an underlying problem exists that needs surgical attention, you may need a minimally invasive procedure. North American Spine can point you in the right direction.

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