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Lower Right Back Pain Prevention Exercises

Many of the prevention techniques we recommend are the same as, or similar to, our treatment recommendations for people with pain in the lower right side of their back. This fact only emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines under the supervision of your healthcare professional.

With society constantly slouching in front of the TV, tilting their head down to stare at their smart phone, and moving only far enough to grab the remote control, it is no wonder that pain in the lower right side of backs have become so common.

As with all health issues, prevention is the best way to ensure a healthy back. Although means of prevention will vary between people, here are some general concepts to consider.

  • Exercise

Now this should go without saying, but we feel compelled to put it at the top of our list! You should exercise! For a long time it was thought that bed rest was the best solution for people experiencing pain in the lower right side of their back. Not anymore! It has been proven over and over again that getting up, moving around, and pumping that heart a bit, actually helps relieve back pain on the lower right side. The extra blood flow and movement brings more oxygen to the joints and stretches the muscles so they can work better.

Even just exercising for 15-30 minutes a day can prevent a potential lifetime of pain in your lower right back. Walk around the block! Climb the stairs in your house! Do some crunches while you watch TV! Have sex! It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you practice good form, are safe, and that you do it consistently! You can’t workout once in January and then be a couch potato the rest of the year!

We have lots of different exercises on this site. If you are suffering from spinal stenosis check out these exercises for spinal stenosis. Have you been diagnosed with a disc herniation? These exercises may help ease the pain!

  • Stretching

Along with exercise, stretching can be overwhelmingly beneficial. As one of the authors of this site I can tell you that when I was experiencing pain in the lower right side of my back, it was my daily stretches that really helped me recover! I tried everything from pills, chiropractic care, and therapy. Nothing worked as well as my stretches.

I found this stretch to be particularly effective!


Consult your doctor before trying any new exercises or stretches. If you suffer from sciatica you may want to check out these sciatica stretches.

  • Yoga

The western world has been transformed since its’ . This “mind, body, and spirit” practice focuses on your flexibility, strength, and most of all, your breathing. At the very least, practicing yoga should make you feel calmer, more at ease, and perhaps more focused. At the very most, it could completely prevent you from ever having to experience pain in the lower right side of your back.

One specific benefit to practicing yoga is that it will help you have perfect posture! If you could only pick one prevention method, having perfect posture would be it. These five yoga poses can get you into perfect posture in no time!

  • Proper sleep positions

Speaking of posture, you should be very aware of your posture while you sleep! If you do not properly support your lumbar (lower back), while you sleep you can have intense pain when you wake-up. You may not feel the pain while you sleep, but you will sure feel it the next day and more than likely, many days afterwards. By placing a pillow in between your knees when you sleep on your side, you can reduce the tension on your lower right back. Also, make sure that your mattress is firm enough to properly support you entire spine. Do you have a water bed? Get rid of it. A water bed offers no support and allows your spine to lay in a curved position all night. This could absolutely lead to pain in your lower right back. To find out how to keep your lumbar fully supported at all times during the day, check out our lumbar support article.

  • Proper lifting

proper-liftingLift with your legs, not your back! Have you ever heard that? Well, it’s true! If you can keep your back engaged (muscles contracted and solid) and straight while lifting, you are likely to not experience pain in the lower right side of your back. Often times, because most people are right-handed, people push and pull using only their right side. This causes this isolated pain. If you lift properly and make your legs do the work, preventing this back pain is more likely.

proper setting downThe same is true for setting heavy items down. Don’t bend at the waist. Squat, using your legs, while keeping your back fully straight and engaged.

  • Avoiding heavy lifting, carrying & excessive use

Last, but not least, try just avoiding the hard labor all together! Don’t ever overexert yourself and don’t try to lift, push, or pull more than is comfortable. Don’t let your ego give you the gift of chronic lower right back pain. It’s worth taking two trips from the car to the house than one trip that ends with you pulling your back.

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