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The Best Lumbar Support Products

Lumbar support is important for healthy posture, to prevent the onset of uncomfortable lower back conditions, and/or to relieve lower back pain. If you suffer from common lower back conditions, like sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, or a herniated or slipped disc, your doctor might have already recommended the use of lumbar support devices in order to help you heal. If not, you may find that providing extra support while sitting, driving, or via healthy lower back exercises, you will prevent the development of common lower back complaints.

Basic Anatomy of the Lumbar Back

Already know all this stuff? Okie dokie, smarty pants, head on down to the next section. Otherwise, here is a little extra info about this important part of the human spine.

The lumbar region is a section of five vertebrae that hang out in the lower portion of your back, above the tail bone. Without our lumbar vertebrae, we would all be bent over and touching our toes on a regular basis. In general, the lumbar region usually stays pretty healthy. But if it is exposed to repetitive motion, forced to sit for long periods of time, or experiences some kind of trauma, painful and sometimes debilitating problems begin to emerge.

What Can I Do to Provide Lumbar Support For My Back?

We’re so glad you asked!

In a Chair: One of the easiest ways to provide support to your lower back is to use a special lumbar support pillow whenever you are seated for more than a few minutes.Lumbar pillow are specially shaped to match your lumbar curve, and can fit easily in a backpack, desk chair, or on a car seat.

In a Car: Speaking of car seats, if you drive for long stretches at a time, consider buying a specialized car seat cover that has a built-in lumbar pillow. Some of them even have built-in massagers…yee haw!

In a Bed: If you have lower back issues, it’s usually recommended that you sleep flat on your back, on a firm mattress, with support underneath your knees. However, many of us choose to sleep in the fetal position, all curled up on our sides. This can place a strain on the lower back. If you are a side sleeper, try using a pillow between your legs. You will be surprised at how much better your back will feel in the morning.

While you Work
. Do you have a job that requires you to lift, bend, or reach repeatedly? You should consider using a lower back support while you work, to make sure your lumbar region is supported. A lumbar back brace will help your lumbar vertebrae and disks from compressing or shifting out of place.

Get Your Groove On! Exercises for Lumbar Support.

The following YouTube Video is perfect for anyone who does not suffer from regular lower back pain, and/or a diagnosed lower back condition. The exercises shown here help to provide natural strength and support to the muscles that reinforce the lumbar region. If you have regular lower back pain and/or have been diagnosed with a lower back condition, you can visit our Sciatica Stretches and Herniated Disk Exercises for more gentle, pain-relieving movements.

So go ahead and show your lumbar a little support. Have you hugged your lumbar vertebrae today? If not, take the time to let them know you care.


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