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Spinal Stenosis Exercises

spinal stenosis exercises

We’ve written before about some of the options when it comes to spinal stenosis exercises. Because of how strongly it is recommended that you partake in exercise (under the supervision of your doctor) we have added this article to give you other ways to get stretching, get up, and get moving!

So you just found out you have Spinal Lumbar Stenosis, now what? We’ll tell you what; it’s time to get up, and do some spinal stenosis exercises in order to heal your aching back, and butt, and legs, etc.! Did you know stenosis is derived from a Greek word that means “narrowing” or “choking”? Makes sense, since a person with spinal stenosis is experiencing a narrowing of their spinal vertebrae, which can begin to “choke” the poor spinal cord, and surrounding nerves. You learn something new every day, right?

In the lumbar region of your back, the pinched nerve(s) is usually the sciatic, which run from the lower back, through your buttocks, and all the way down along the backs of your legs. When these nerves are compressed on a regular basis, it causes sciatica. In some cases, sciatica is slightly annoying. For other people, sciatica is a serious issue that prevents them from enjoying everyday life. If lumbar stenosis is the culprit, you will usually feel fine at rest, but will develop leg pain the longer you walk.

These Spinal Stenosis Exercises Relieve Sciatic and Lower Back Pain

PLEASE NOTE: If you suffer from un-diagnosed lower back pain, you should visit your doctor or chiropractor for an official diagnosis. Never attempt any new exercises without the approval of a medical professional. You certainly don’t want to do more harm than good!

Exercise Ball

Always wanted to buy one of those huge exercise balls you see laying around yoga studios and gyms? Now’s your chance. You can buy an exercise ball online, or search Craigslist and/or local garage sales for cheap cast-offs (from well-meaning fitness gurus who never quite stuck with the plan). Get a ball that’s 55, 65, or 75 cm, depending on whether you are short, medium, or tall. An ]exercise ball provides support while allowing your spine to gently stretch, which creates more space for all those pesky vertebrae, disks, and nerves that are giving you trouble. Here are three spinal stenosis exercises that can be done using an exercise ball and 15 minutes of your time.

Yoga Poses

There are many yoga poses which are beneficial for relieving spinal stenosis. The few that appear in this video are easy to do at home, using a hard surface with thin padding. Don’t do yoga, or any other stretches and/or exercises, on your bed or mattress. If you do, your spine can’t maintain the stability it needs for the exercises to be effective. If you join a yoga class to relieve lower back pain, always let the instructor know you have lumbar stenosis, sciatica, etc., so s/he can tailor your workout accordingly.


Sciatica Stretches

The same stretches that relieve sciatica symptoms can also be used to relieve lumbar stenosis since they work to relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve. We have already compiled a few handy Sciatica Stretches Here.

Other Tricks to Relieve Lower Back Pain and Spinal Stenosis

In addition to these spinal stenosis exercises, it is important that you take good care of your lower back, even when you aren’t stretching and/or exercising. Lumbar support is an important part of healing your lower back, and preventing back issues from becoming worse. With the right combination of lumbar support and spinal stenosis exercises, you may be able to prevent lower back surgery. Yahoo!

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