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Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

When answer the question, “why does my lower back hurt?,” you should follow these steps.

First, answer the following questions:

  • 1. When did the pain start to occur?
  • 2. What were you doing before the pain started?

Understanding your activity prior to the onset of pain allows us insight into possible causes. Were you lifting heavy objects? Did you just wake up? Did you just finish a long walk?


Second, start researching accordingly.

Once you have determined the activity that may be causing your lower back to hurt, you can now start to research related symptoms.

For example, if you were not lifting properly, this could have caused a strain of sorts. If a simple activity like walking is causing your back to hurt, then you could have a herniated disc or even spinal stenosis.

***Of course, these types of diagnoses can only be made by a doctor or licensed health care professional.

Too Much Bed Rest

Bed rest can often be a great solution for reliving lower back pain. However, too much bed rest can be problematic.

Keeping your back still can lead to weak muscles. It is important to move around and take walks to stretch and strengthen your back muscles.

If an activity hurts your back – don’t do it! You should only participate in activities that do not irritate the back and strengthen your muscles. It is imperative that you seek out professional medical advice before starting or ending any treatment or exercise regime.

Check out these exercises for sciatica to help relieve lower back pain.

Why your lower back hurts!

Here are some popular causes of lower back pain.

I hope this helps you on you journey on answering the question, “why does my lower back hurt?!” You can see a more detailed list of common causes on our homepage and this article.

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